Our Procyon Encapsulation System is made in the USA and when used with PROCYON Extreme Pre-Spray, it will save you time and money!  Just mix according to the directions on our Extreme Pre-Spray with hot water and the counter rotating brushes will get out sand, hair, and grit with ease!  If this isn’t enough to convince you to buy our Encapsulation System, here are 8 more reasons!

  1. Our Encapsulation Machine is tough as nails! Made with stainless steel bearings and steel drive components this machine is built to last!
  2. Our machine has a centered on-board solution tank for even pre-spray and cleaning.
  3. With no trays and an easy to use kickstand that protects the carpet brushes, the PROCYON Encapsulation machine stores easily.
  4. It’s easy to move around making getting in, around, and under objects a breeze!
  5. This machine is easy to clean too! It has simple to remove push pins holding the carpet brushes and the dirt trap in place.  It’s not rocket science!  Just remove the push pins and rinse the brushes and dirt trap.
  6. You can clean thousands of square feet with the PROCYON Encapsulation System in half the time! Easily remove nasty grit and grime leaving carpets looking and feeling like new!
  7. Our Encapsulation Machine also has brushes for tile! Cleans dirty grimy tile floors in minutes.
  8. We have a short instructional video that takes you step by step through set-up, use and cleaning your machine. Watch it here: http://soapfreeprocyon.com/index.php/encapsulation-system/

Call 1-800-776-2966 and speak with our general manager Jesse to order your PROCYON Encapsulation system today.