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Plus Manufacturing, Inc. is located in the Great Pacific Northwest in Spokane, Washington. Procyon’s commitment to the cleaning industry is to lessen the impact of toxic chemicals on the environment and to our customer’s health. We have been providing environmentally safer cleaning products for the past 30 years. We believe that we have an obligation in maintaining the highest level of quality and safety in all Procyon cleaning products. We are committed to educating the public in proper, safe, and efficient cleaning methods, so that the public’s health as well as our environment may be improved.

Family of Products

Extreme! Pre-Spray Cleaner

Odor-free nontoxic concentrate that will greatly reduce rapid re-soiling so carpets stay cleaner longer.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

This concentrate has unlimited versatility and power to perform on grease, smoke-damaged walls, AC coils, ceilings, vents air ducts and much more.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Concentrate designed for portable extractors, with high heat, to breakdown soapy sticky residues left behind from previous cleaners.

Tile & Grout Cleaner

Concentrate with enough power to strip wax. CAUTION: Cannot be in contact with stainless steel. Not safe for some soft stones.

Spot & Stain Remover

Leaves carpet & upholstery softer and brighter.

Plus Powder

The best solution for high traffic areas with grease and oils imbedded into the carpet.


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Why Soap Free Procyon?

Brighter Floors, Carpets and Tile, Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer, No Soapy Sticky Residue, Safer Cleaning Products, Wool Safe Certified, No Rapid Resoiling, Dries Faster, Feels Softer, Odor Free.

For homes and businesses and schools.

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5 Ways PROCYON Has Been Doing The Right Thing For Over 38 Years

Our founder Ivan Day started Plus Manufacturing the manufacturer of Soap Free Procyon over 35 years ago with one idea in mind – to do the right thing by making a carpet cleaning product that is safer and healthier for carpet cleaning professionals and their customers while being more environmentally preferable than anything else on the market. What he created was and is all those things and so much more. Here are just 5 of the ways Soap Free Procyon has been doing the right thing for almost 4 decades!

PROCYON is THE Safe Alternative

Testimonials, Seals & Certifications

Your product, PROCYON carpet cleaner is awesome! Finally, a product that works as advertised ...each time I use it, I'm impressed all over again. I've given samples to my sister in Maryland, my father in Ohio, my cousin in California, my aunt in Arizona and to many of my co-workers in the emergency department where I work as a registered nurse. It's even removed blood and ink stains!

Homeowners, in Las Vegas, NV

I have found your product to be very valuable in our operation. We no longer have problems with "browning" and our carpets look great. We also are saving a considerable amount of money this year. Once we were able to flush the old soap from our carpet with the PROCYON, our dilution ratio has now fallen to 2 ounces of chemical for every 5 gallons of water.

Spokane Public Schools

To Whom it may concern: Finally! a one pass cleaning! One particular Wendy's restaurant is always the worst. I've tried many products. I get the best result with Procyon Powder. I get one pass cleaning, wow results! Thank You! Procyon!

Dan Rasmussen, Owner @ Dan’s Carpet Cleaning

Plus Manufacturing has been providing environmentally safer, quality products that work for over 30 years. Made with all natural ingredients, PROCYON products are one of the safest on the market today. We are committed to educating the public in proper, safer, and efficient cleaning methods, so that the public health as well as our environment may be maintained and improved.