Soap Free Procyon


5 Ways PROCYON Has Been Doing The Right Thing For Over 38 Years
April 18, 2018

Our founder Ivan Day started Plus Manufacturing the manufacturer of Soap Free Procyon over 38 years ago with one idea in mind – to do the right thing by making a carpet cleaning product that is safer and healthier for carpet cleaning professionals and their customers while being more environmentally preferable than anything else on the market.  What he created was and is all those things and so much more.  Here are just 5 of the ways Soap Free Procyon has been doing the right thing for almost 4 decades!

  1. Green Seal® Certification: Procyon has earned the Green Seal certification every year since 2012. This certification is given only to those products that meet a “rigorous performance, health, and environmental criteria.” (– This means our products are safer for the carpet cleaning professional, their customers, customer’s pets and the environment!
  2. Excellent Customer Service: Procyon is a trusted and reliable brand in the cleaning industry and we take that very seriously. We offer friendly fast customer service, multiple ways to order through partnerships with our many distributors around the United States and world, our website, and you can always call our manufacturing warehouse directly to speak to a friendly representative who will take your order or answer any questions you may have.  We also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning classes and will travel to your local distributor to do demonstrations, answer questions, and offer special deals.  We love our distributors and customers!
  3. Quality: Procyon is a powerfully effective quality brand of products. Our products have powerful degreasing properties while leaving no residues, using no harsh chemicals or perfumes, AND it’s odor free.  This means it is approved for use by asthma and allergy sufferers.  Our products can even improve the indoor air quality of any space you use it in!
  4. Saves Money: Our mixing ratios are so small that just one gallon of Extreme, Carpet & Upholstery, Tile & Grout, or Multipurpose will clean up to 10,000 square feet! This makes Procyon one of the most cost-effective brands on the market!
  5. Saves Time: We care about our customers so much that not only do we have a safer, healthier product that it cost-effective, but we also save you time, so you can spend more time with your friends and loved ones! Procyon works as a pre-spray and a rinsing agent.  Stop using products that require 4 or 5 steps!  With Soap Free Procyon you can get the job done in 1 or 2 steps and get home to your family sooner.