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Advantages of Soap Free, Detergent Free Cleaning
June 7, 2020

Ever wonder why those spots reappear on your carpet time and time again? Even if you get the carpet cleaned, the high ph level in the “soap” that is used causes the spot to reappear.

The actual soap residue also attracts dirt and grime, so when you get your carpet cleaned, there is a good chance that spots will reappear.

Here are a few good reasons to use soap-free and detergent-free cleaners on your carpet.

The Carpet Will Be Softer

Whether you’ve got synthetic fiber or natural fiber, all you need to do with non-soap cleaners is use a water softener. The total lack of residue will create a softer carpet without damaging the fiber.

But the softened water will also leave your carpets more touchable than ever.

You Don’t Need a Rinse

Smart carpet cleaners will sometimes rinse the carpet with softened water to reduce the ph level. It can help soften the carpet and prevent spots. But why rinse and do the extra work if you don’t have to?

With soap-free and detergent-free cleaners, no rinsing is necessary. The cleaners work with a softened water solution. There’s no residue left on your carpet to rinse out.

You Don’t Really Want Soap on Your Carpet

Soap often comes with harsh chemicals. Sometimes they are made from animal fat. It’s really not the right formula for cleaning carpets with.

What’s worse, the soap doesn’t always come out of the carpet pad. Over time, the soap and scum will resurface through the bottom of the carpet and come back harsher than ever.

No Harsh Perfumes

Commercial-grade soaps and detergents come heavily perfumed. While smelling good is great, these perfumes are too strong. A clean smell that is achieved with soap-free cleanser is much better.

Safe for People and Pets

The detergents and soaps on the market contain ingredients you don’t want your child or pet rolling around in. Soap-free cleaner is a safe alternative. It’s especially good for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Consider how much skin contact people and pets come in with carpet. Over time, exposure to harsh chemicals found in commercial detergents can build up.

A Better Clean

Soap-free cleaning works better than cleaning with detergents. Just see our results for yourself!

Longer Cleans

With soap-free cleaning, you can go longer in between cleans. Consider how often you have to clean your carpets with harsh chemicals.

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