Soap Free Procyon



bob churchill

My company has been using Procyon for 20 years or so…remarkable product. For many years, we just used it for carpet cleaning. Now we use it for cleaning many things (walls, cabinets, hard floors). We often use it with a little stripper to strip VCT floors. Heck, I’ve even washed my clothes in it.

I decided to clean my own stainless steel range and dishwasher today. We often use Sheila Shine, but it’s oil based and often doesn’t clean marks and soil off the stainless. So I asked my business partner what she uses. Though we are mostly a commercial cleaning company, she cleans a couple of houses. She suggested Procyon and microfiber rags.

It worked GREAT!! My dishwasher had stains that I could not remove. Now the darn thing looks brand new.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Procyon is like duct tape – one thousand and one uses! Keep up the great work.

A VERY satisfied customer