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Green Cleaning Hack: The eco-friendly way to remove spot, stains and clean your laundry
April 29, 2021

Use Soap Free Procyon to very effectively remove spots, stains and generally clean your laundry. The most environmentally friendly way to clean your clothes. Products mentioned:

Extreme Carpet Pre-Spray

Spot & Stain Remover


Hello, it’s JP from Procyon, and here we are at the end of April 2021, we’ve been pent up for a long time, but the good weather’s here. And if you’re like my family, we are out doing landscaping, gardening, and as a result ending up with some dirt and grass stains on our clothes. And so today’s quick soap free cleaning tip is you can use Soap Free Procyon to very effectively remove spot, stains and generally clean your laundry.


So if you already have a bottle, grab it. If not, order one of our 32 ounce spot and stain remover trigger sprayer. This works terrific for direct application to the stained areas on your clothing, be it mud, grass, even some blood stains, which I hope you are not incurring those. But if you do whatever is in your laundry and tough to get out, give it a good spray with the spot and stain remover and let it dwell for five or ten minutes before your wash cycle.


Throw it in and if you really want to get things going. Use some of our spot and stain remover. I like to use two ounces in my washing machine instead of any detergent. It is super effective for getting all your clothes clean. So those two products you can solve pretty much any laundry problem and if you like, as in our household, we strictly use Extreme in our washing machine. Let me tell you how effective it is with the professional cleaning anecdote.


My friend Brian Duncan and I have long cleaned the greasy carpets in the lobby of the movie theater locally, and maybe you’ve heard me tell about this before, but we would end up with several 19 inch Luppi cotton bonnets that were just so greasy and waxy with all the spilled popcorn butter that they were just a horrible mess. We would simply take those bonnets, often a dozen of them, and put them in a commercial front loader washing machine and add four ounces of extreme.


That is our Soap Free Procyon extreme pre spray. Just that four ounces was effective in getting those cotton bonnets absolutely clean, all the grease removed. So only imagine what it can do in your home washing machine. That is the most environmentally friendly way to clean your clothes. So that’s it. Guys, look at our website for easy ordering of both the Spot and Stain Remover and the Extreme Pre Spray. And of course you can get all of our products at our website.


So that’s it. Wishing you a happy spring, get out there and enjoy it. And don’t worry about getting your clothes dirty because we will get them clean again — the green way. Have a healthy and happy week.

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