Carpet In Crisis: A Restoration Program 

For over 38 years Procyon has provided our customers worldwide hands on training using our powerful soap free / detergent free Green Sealed Certified, Odor free, Non-Toxic, hypo-allergenic carpet and tile cleaning products. We have evolved with the times to modernize your way of cleaning to safe guard and protect human health as well as the environment you live and work in by bringing you Asthma & Allergy; Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) certified and approved cleaning products. Our carpet cleaning products are tested and certified by Du-Pont, Monsanto, Allied Fiber, and Collins & Aikman Tandus Power Bond, The Carpet & Rug Institute and Wool Safe. The Professional Testing Lab’s awards Procyon Extreme a level 4 which is the highest level of power and performance that any carpet cleaning product can archive. We offer hands on training to facilities and professional cleaning contractors, the opportunity, to have us do a sight visit with you and teach you and your administrative personal how to solve carpets in crises issues after our training class.  This is a professional hand on training, on site service, that is paramount in building a much larger platform of satisfied customers.

“Our program works!”


Procyon was the FIRST product to receive the Green Seals GS-37 covering protecting human health. Procyon takes pride in providing you with the education and tools to perform your job duties to highest expectation using cleaning products and methods that work.


Ivan Day – Educational Service Provider and Quality Control Specialist

I have worked in facilities all over the world teaching and solving thousands of carpet issues for over 38 years. The on-site education we provide is immeasurable in its value strictly in relation to wicking, browning and high traffic areas that are tough to keep clean. We have the answers you and your technicians need to make an impact when it comes to solving carpet issues. This is what we do, and we are passionate about it!

Our goal is for your staff to be able to fix any issues with carpets as they arise. Knowledge is the key to quickly diagnosing your carpet cleaning challenges and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

Our Carpet in Crisis: A Restoration Program will help you cut material and labor cost as well as leaving your clients with safer and healthier facilities. We are here to help you achieve excellence in your carpet maintenance program. Call 1-800-776-2066 today to receive a confidential consultation with our instructor Ivan Day or fill out the contact form below.

Our program offers:

A on-site educational workshop with your on-site management team solving on-site carpet that is in crises at no cost to you or your operation located in the continental United States. To qualify for a waiver you must be a Facility Director, Operation manager in custodial services, Housekeeping and or a building service contractor.

Commercial Training

PROCYON factory representatives provide extensive commercial onsite training and seminars in educational facilities, health care facilities, and commercial buildings in all facets conducted by our industry experts. We work with all facility management teams and building service contractors on any commercial sites you have issues with.

Hands-On Commercial Demonstrations

On-site demonstrations provide product use tips and procedures for solving the toughest cleaning crisis on carpet, upholstery, tile, grout and general maintenance applications that work.

Class Discussions:

Offering 38+ years of hands on Education & Support

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), No VOC’s, Asthma & Allergy’s

Wicking & Browning – Over Wetting – Spots & Spills come back to haunt you.

The un-known element that linger in your carpets

What is an un-healthy carpet? Signs to look for!

When you clean a carpet is it really clean?

Solving Carpet Cleaning Crises…. Eliminating call backs

New CRI lab testing results covering new certifications

Soap free Procyon -vs- Detergents / Shampoos

Toxic levels of cleaning products

Why is it important to provide a safer, healthier way to a cleaner carpet?

What is your true job cost?

“Solving Problems Is What We Do”

Carpets “Ugly Out” before they wear out!


Topic: Understanding the Toxins in Cleaning Chemicals, cause and effects. We also will be teaching about

walls, ceiling, vents, stainless hood’s vent’s and grease traps, hard floor care, Tile & Grout, VCT tile, slip and fall accidents and many more areas. We will also discuss healthier, non-toxic, safer ways to cleaner carpets using our powerful soap free / detergent free cleaning product and why you will want to stay away from unhealthy toxic cleaning products, teaching you about why you would want a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.  We will give you the education, support and tools to solve carpet problems now.


Green Seal Certified – Approved – Carpet & Rug Institute Certified – Professional Testing Labs Certified

Collins & Aikman -Tandus Centiva Power Bond Approved – I.e. Du-Pont Tested & Approved – Monsanto Tested & Approved – Allied Fiber Tested & Approved – (EXTREME! Wool Safe Tested & Certified)

Allergy and Asthma Approved – No Soapy Sticky Residues

Nontoxic – Odor free – Colorless – Hypoallergenic – No Enzymes – Biodegradable

Call 1-800-776-2966 for your confidential consultation or fill out the contact form below.