I’m writing to thank you for introducing me to Procyon cleaning Products. I’ve been in the cleaning business since 1960 and this is the first time I’ve been impressed by a “green cleaning product”. I now use only Procyon for all my cleaning needs.

The most important reason for this letter is to thank you for helping to restore my health. For several years now, I have had trouble breathing. My lungs were always congested and so were my sinuses. I felt so listless most of the time, that I couldn’t work more than four hours a day before I had to take a nap. This in spite of using two prescription inhalers and a prescription nasal spray. When I started using Procyon my symptoms all started to regress.

I have been using Procyon now for almost a year and I have not had to use any medication for the last seven months. So thanks again and please forward this information. People need to know.