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Message regarding COVID-19 from Procyon
April 11, 2020

Our PROCYON family sends everyone our thoughts and prayers for your health and overall well-being during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic. For those of us continuing to do the important job of cleaning — whether in hospitals, essential businesses or in our homes, a thorough and effective green cleaning with PROCYON continues to be an important first step. The next critical step during this emergency will be the disinfection of hard surfaces, and sanitizing carpet and upholstery. Please check our website ( — we will be posting links to suppliers of respected disinfection products for your convenient reference and use. Please continue to wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20-seconds. But remember: soap is for your HANDS, not your carpets. Best wishes for your health, peace, and happiness.

The “green” alternative (using Thymol derived from the herb thyme) — Decon-30:

The chemical alternative — Mediclean (formerly, Microban) — hard surface only:
Don’t forget good old bleach:
Clorox (8%) — for “hospital disinfection”, 1/2 cup to one-gallon water (1 Tablespoon / 16oz) — Prewash surface, apply bleach solution, Let stand 10 minutes, rinse well and air dry (source: Clorox Bleach label)