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More about soap free cleaning
June 25, 2020

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As always, it’s great to be here and have the opportunity to share some information about the importance of so free cleaning with our audience. So, number one, our number one mission is to help people live healthier lives and and also to make our environment healthier. So I’d like to share with you some common sense and practical ways in which soap free, clean is really important. First thing I’d like to share is most of us have taken a shower in the past day or two and we’ve watched our hair.

So the next time you’re showering and your shampoo, your hair, you stop and think to yourself as you stick your head under the spigot. How much water is it taking to get my hair wet? And then you shampoo your hair and you agitate the shampoo by scrubbing your scalp and then you rinse. How much water is it taking to rinse all that soap out of your hair? It’s quite a bit. And if you use that much water on your carpet or upholstery to rinse out a soapy, sticky cleaning substance.

Think about the effect of over-wetting on your precious carpet or your your furniture creates its own problems. Mold and bacteria growth and that funky wet dog smell that can remain in a damp or poorly clean carpet for days. But when you’re not putting soap in, you don’t need to use as much water to rinse. And so that’s one of the very important things and healthy things about so frequently. No residue. And we’re not over wetting the carpet or upholstery.

When we rinse it so we don’t endanger ourselves with essential mold and bacteria growth and odors. A second example I like to call the washing machine lesson and washing machine runs several rinse cycles just to remove detergent and soap residue from your clothes. That’s a lot of water. Another place we see that is if you’ve been in a hot tub or pool, often there’s suds that you’ll see floating on water. So this sticky soap detergent residue is being released from swimsuit fibers or clothes even after many rinse cycles.

If you were to contact your local hot tub dealer and ask them why they sell de-foamer with your hot tub, they they they know exactly why. It’s not because there’s foam from their other chemicals. It’s because of all those swimsuits that are in there and all the residue being rinsed out. So that’s why a truly clean carpet needs a soap free treatment as opposed to, once it’s in, you can’t get it all out. Now, why does this matter?

What does it matter if there’s a little soap underfoot? Well, this is where I get back to something I’ve talked about in prior episodes, and that is what we like to call the barefoot challenge. Think about it. There are substances on the skin and they’re absorbed into the human body. If you were to take that clove of garlic. As I’ve discussed before, and cut it in half and rub the wet garlic on the bottom, you’re barefoot and then get dressed within 24 hours, you’re going to taste garlic in your mouth, even if you haven’t eaten anything for a long time. You can count on it.

Likewise chemicals of cleaning enter our bodies through exposure from what we touch, from our feet to our hands – for skin, the biggest organ in our body. So when we have a customer or family walk with bare feet on freshly clean carpet, the moisture from their feet activates the contaminant and sticky soap and detergent residues and these chemicals in the carpet can get absorbed through our feet and other skin that touches upholstery or carpeted areas right into our bloodstream.

And that can attack our neurological system or our brain. I mean, how much toxicity and poison do we need to live with? And this can contribute to cancers and other illnesses. So a really simple way to enhance your health and that of your family, your friends, is to make sure that you’re using soap free products to clean these important surfaces in your home. I hope that’s helpful, everybody. I hope those are some good, commonsense examples so you can understand why it is so important to use soap free products like Procyon.

And you can learn more about Procyon products at our website: Thanks so much for your time today.