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Prioritizing Health and Happiness: The Importance of Using Soap-Free Procyon for Carpet Washing
June 28, 2023

On this episode of Soap Free Podcast, join your host JP as he delves into the world of cleaning and maintaining a healthy home. In this episode, JP from Soap Free Procyon shares insights and tips on how to keep your living space clean and tidy. 

As the warm weather approaches, JP is enjoying spending time outdoors and basks in the joy of summer. However, he reminds us that 85% of dirt is within 15 feet of the front and back door of our houses, emphasizing the importance of regularly vacuuming our homes. 

But it’s not just about cleanliness for JP; it’s about adopting a positive attitude. He stresses the importance of being nice, kicking ass, and repeating this behavior, aiming to embody this mindset every day. 

With the summer season approaching, JP urges listeners to interact face-to-face with loved ones and customers, drawing inspiration from a quote by John Wesley that encourages doing good in all possible ways and to all people.

In addition to spreading positivity, JP offers valuable cleaning information, prioritizing listeners’ health and happiness. He recommends using soap-free Procyon for carpet washing instead of shampoo that can leave residue behind. Residue is described as sticky and can cause loose dirt to stick to carpet fibers and fabric. Procyon, being soap-free and odor-free, proves to be the ideal choice for clean and odorless carpets while being environmentally friendly.

JP also highlights the importance of avoiding chemicals on carpets during the barefooting season. Name brand cleaners containing caustic chemicals are warned against, and listeners are advised to shake a bottle of cleaner to test for suds, indicating the presence of chemicals. 

Furthermore, JP emphasizes the fact that our skin is our largest organ, capable of conveying chemicals into the bloodstream. Thus, he stresses the importance of avoiding unnecessary chemicals in our bodies.

So, join JP on this episode of Soap Free Podcast as he shares insights on maintaining a clean home, prioritizing health, and adopting a positive mindset. Wishing all listeners a great summer filled with cleanliness and happiness.

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