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Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

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Unlimited cleaning power. From blinds to walls and everything in between – including HVAC systems, smoke damage and duct tape.

Our amazing soap free PROCYON Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate is powerful yet versatile, used by professional building service contractors and maintenance personal in colleges, universities, school districts, health care facilities around the world for over 36 years. PROCYON Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate will work great pressure washing exterior buildings, top scrubbing hard floor surfaces, decks, boats, RV's, H-VAC systems, brick fire places, concrete, walls, mini-blinds, blood, body fluids and much, much more.
Some of the biggest benefits include no odor when used indoors. PROCYON Multi-Purpose cleaner is a powerful cleaning product, no soap, no soapy sticky residues. Using this product will reduce your slipping and falling accidents on hard floors because you will be eliminating the soapy sticky detergent build up residue on your floors. When floors get wet the detergent residue becomes slippery and this is how accidents happen.
Procyon has more testing certifications than any one product of its kind in our industry. Soap Free PROCYON Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate has been tested and approved to be used in enclosed areas will not have a negative effect covering Asthma and Allergies, no VOC’s, odor free, Indoor Air Quality tested & certified, Green Seal Certified and Environmentally Certified.
When you can pick 3 out of 4 tests of certifications you know are on your way to a safer, healthier environment. You can visit our web site at Please scroll down to the bottom of our main page and view our history. Soap Free Odor Free / Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tested & Certified.  PROCYON World's #1 Green Detergent Free Cleaning Product with more testing & certifications than any other product of its kind.


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