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Soap Free and Indoor Air Quality
April 21, 2016
Sticky Residue is just one of the many problems with using soap and detergents to care for carpets.  This residue causes a rapid re-soiling that results in carpets becoming dirty faster and possibly creating unhealthy indoor air quality by leaving lingering odors from off-gassing.  When you use soaps or detergents, you may be improperly cleaning and creating more harm than good to your carpets.

Carpets may look clean after using soap or detergent but a closer look at the microscopic level reveals there is almost no cleaning going on.  Even after cleaning and using a rinsing agent, you will still have residue left behind in the carpet fibers.  This is the nature of cleaning with detergents.  Those residues trap dirt, harmful gasses and particulates thereby making your carpets a petri dish of allergy and asthma causing agents.

CarpetFibers lgcarpet fiber pic

Soap-free/ Detergent-free Procyon eliminates harmful residues left behind on your carpets by other cleaners.  This can change the indoor air-quality of your rooms making the air you breathe on a daily basis healthier.  By using Procyon, you can expect carpets to stay cleaner longer, feel softer and dry quicker all while creating a healthier environment.  Procyon has been well-documented in the areas of indoor air quality and asthma and allergy symptoms.  In one Eastern Washington School District, after switching to Soap Free Procyon, the indoor air quality was tested in the classrooms and was found to have dramatically improved. This reduced the cases of asthma and allergy symptoms.

Soap-free/ Detergent-free Procyon is the healthier, greener way to clean carpets.  Not only does it work to improve the life of the carpets you are cleaning but it also improves the air quality.  It is non-toxic, allergy and asthma safe, environmentally safe and it works!  So stop worrying about air quality and toxins and use Soap Free Procyon – Clean On!



  1. Webster

    I live in Western NY and our pollen is very high during the warmer months. My clients who suffer from allergies have seen an improvement in their homes after I cleaned their carpet and upholstery with Procyon products.

    • doug

      do you use a portable carpet cleaning machnes