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Soap Free Podcast August 19, 2020 – Your carpet is the biggest air filter in your entire home!
August 27, 2020


Hey, it’s JP from Procyon, and I thank you again for joining me on our soap free podcast this week. I want to talk to you briefly about air filtration in your home. How does that relate to your carpets, you might ask, of all of us are more concerned than ever about keeping our home environment as healthy as possible, especially as we work to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. I bet that you change the filters on your furnace and air conditioning unit on a regular basis probably say twice a year.


It only makes sense. A dirty filter will allow more pollutants in your home and your unit won’t work as well. Did you know that your carpet is a filter as well? It is, and it must be cleaned just like the one for your furnace. In fact, your carpet is the biggest air filter in your entire home. It filters out airborne pollutants such as fungus, asphalt pollens, dust mites and dirt. If you have a light-colored carpet, you may have noticed thin black lines around the baseboards of your rooms.


These so-called filtration soiling lines are visible evidence of the thermodynamic air circulation patterns in your home and the irrefutable fact that your perfect traps those pollutants and soil and prevents them from continuing to circulate in the air in your home. When you vacuum your carpet, some of these soils are removed, but not all. The typical home vacuum is simply not built to remove all the pollutants that find their way into your carpet or their air filter. It takes regular carpet cleaning to get the remaining pollutants out of your carpet.


Just like an air filter. Your carpet can only hold so much dirt and pollens and dust mites, but comes a time when it’s completely saturated. When this happens, it leads to an unhealthy indoor air environment. All of these allergens find their way back into the air in your home once there’s saturation. So you want to have your carpets regularly cleaned and you want to insist that they’re cleaned by a professional who uses an environmentally friendly, healthy, safe, non-toxic product.


And, you know right where to find that at in all of our Soap Free Procyon products. So this is JP from Procyon, wishing you a healthy green week. Thanks again for your time. Be safe out there.

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