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Soap Free Podcast February 10, 2021 – Helping Neighbors and Plus Powder Effectiveness
February 10, 2021

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Good Wednesday, this is J.P. from Procyon, and this is Valentine’s week 2021. Reminder that sharing is caring. So if you’ve got neighbors, family or friends that have spots and I know all of us do, don’t forget to hit them up with a little bit of your spot and stain remover or other Procyon products. It’s the healthiest and most loving thing you can do for your friends and neighbors and family. Toward that end, I want to share with you that I had a neighbor recently that was giving away a chair posted on Facebook that the chair was to give away, just had a brown spot on the back.


It’s a lovely light green chair, pretty high quality. And I said, hey, we’ll take it. And I felt a little guilty because I came home and I cleaned it up and I sent them a picture and gave them the option to take it back. And guess what? They were very grateful and said, yeah, we’d love it back. So let me tell you what I did. Normally, I would use our spot and stain remover to pre spray and let it dwell.


Remember, dwelling is always important for 10 minutes, maybe even 15, if it’s a terrible spot and light agitation, remember agitation is like when you scrub your head with your fingers, when you’re shampooing. With upholstery, remember, you don’t want to be too tough on it. You want to use a very soft brush or a soft cloth or rub it gently with your hand to agitate so you don’t cause any killing or damage to the fabric or the pile of the fabric.


So in this particular case, instead of using spot and stain remover, I took some of our Plus Powder, which is typically used by our cleaning professionals, our dedicated cleaning professionals that have truck mounted high heat systems. But I just took a teaspoon of the powder and I mixed it in eight ounces, actually 16 ounces of water and put it in a spray bottle. I sprayed gently mist into the fabric. I let it dwell for five minutes and brushed it gently and then hot water extracted it using our Hoover portable residential machine and it came out just like new.


So we’ve got a very happy neighbor, I’m short a chair. It was lovely, but like I said, sharing is caring. And I hope that you find time this Valentine’s Day week of 2021 to appreciate your neighbors, your friends, your family. Show them you care, show them you love them. And I want all of you to know that all of us at Procyon love and appreciate you as our customers. Have a terrific week and clean green. Take care.

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