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Soap Free Podcast June 23, 2021 – Keep Your Carpet Clean This Summer
June 24, 2021


It seems like a good time to remind all of you that 75% of soil ends up within 15 feet of your doors, front and back, and a good way to keep your house as clean as possible with the greenest way possible, which Is no cleaning is simply asking your family and friends to just slip off their shoes. 

Get those shoes off near the door sweep and vacuum frequently. And when you do have a spill, 

You want to go to soap-free, odor-free Procyon Spot and Stain Remover. It’s the purest best healthiest cleaning solution for your family. You can use it on your carpet upholstery and on your clothing as a pre laundry spotter to get out those nasty stains that I hope you’ll be getting only when you’re having a tremendous amount of fun during this, what I’m going to refer to as our catch-up summer. 

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