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Soap Free Podcast November 11, 2020 – Encap, or encapsulation cleaning provides amazing benefits
November 12, 2020

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This is JP from Procyon, and today I’ve got a quick hit for our professional cleaners out there, but I think it’ll also be of great interest to our consumer household users as well. Some of you may have heard of or actually may use encapsulation cleaning. Now, it’s also referred to as encap or encapping. That’s ENCAP. And although it’s misunderstood, the cleaning system has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. It’s actually been around since the late nineteen nineties or early 2000s.


The method often uses similar equipment as the shampooing method. You know, I hate that terminology shampooing because it makes us think of soaps and suds and that is not Procyon. But for that reason, many have confused and dismissed this method of encapping. But it’s a very new, revolutionary type of chemistry that makes it very effective. And I think you’re going to find interesting. And for our professionals, you may add this to your tool kit and make your business even more profitable, less equipment, shorter time, highly effective.


So more profit for you. So the encapsulation cleaning system applies a cleaning solution often, unfortunately, containing crystalizing acrylic polymers. Now, the last thing we need is more plastic in the environment. Right. So I hate that acrylic polymer, but we approach on offer you a solution. Our Extreme Pre-Spray is certified as being effective for encapsulation cleaning, so you should use it. At least try it out, because I think we’re going to prove to you it should be your encap method.


And if you’re not already encap cleaning, this is a simple way. Again, to add a new service for your clients that can be very cost effective for both of you. So what happens is the encapsulation formula contains surfactants and for Procyon and it oversimplifies it. But just think of it as sodium, salt, much like seawater. So there’s a few other ingredients in the aid in breaking down the bond between grease and grime and carpet fibers, so encapsulation machines are typically rotary agitation machines.


Some of the famous names are, Cimex. Well, that is the biggest name right now, but they’re basically rotary brushes. In the simplest form. What you use is a rotary floor machine. That’s what you see, people moving around, polishing floors, hard surfaces and carpets. So as a professional, what you’re going to do is take a mop bucket and a loopi cotton bonnet, mix our Extreme Procyon Pre -Spray in the suggested amounts into that mop bucket.


You’re going to put your bonnet right in there and then wring it out, put it on the floor, put your floor machine on it and start cleaning the carpet. Now it’s going to polish and clean and break down the greasy, grimy dirt. There’s no rinsing involved because we do not leave any residue. The bonnet is going to get filthy. So you have a big job. You’re going to want to take a dozen or 20 bonnets with you, but flip it over when one side gets dirty and it’s going to get black with dirt.


But here’s the amazing thing. There’s no rinsing required. What’s going to happen is that the salts and cleaning factors in our Extreme or other encap products, I really want you to try the Extreme. It will crystallize around that dirt, whatever is remaining in the carpet. So the carpet is going to appear really clean. There’s still going to be some crystallised dirt in there, but that crystallized dirt is going to be dry and it’s going to vacuum right out.


And then what’s going to happen is the carpet is going to stay cleaner longer because it’s not soapy, sticky. There’s no residue, so new dirt does not adhere. So to recap here on the encap, you’re going to use this method of rotary cleaning, hopefully using Procyon’s Soap Free Extreme Pre-Spray, low moisture cleaning methods. So it’s not going to leave the carpet wet. It should be dry within an hour. So this is another great reason to use encap.


And then whatever dirt’s left there is going to be vacuumed out by your customers, regular carpet cleaning with their vacuum. And so this is a method that you can offer people between your restoration cleanings. The restoration refers to where we pre spray, agitate and then extract with rinse, rinse with clean water. But here, no rinse. So you can go in and do a quick clean on a restaurant or other places where there is extreme greasy dirt and you’re going to leave it looking clean, beautiful, and you’re going to stretch out those restoration cleanings that are very expensive, very time consuming for you, just so much labor.


And it’s going to make your customers so happy that you can offer this very healthy, very effective low moisture, encap cleaning method. OK, so that’s it from JP at Procyon for this week. Until the next time, stay healthy, stay soap free and visit us at That’s p r o c y o n. So long.

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