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Soap Free Podcast October 22, 2020 – Strategies and Tips for Professional Green Cleaners
October 22, 2020

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Good day and thanks for joining us at our Soap Free Procyon podcast. This is JP from Procyon. And today I would like to speak directly to our very valued professional cleaners throughout the country and the world. We are here to support your green and environmentally friendly cleaning business with our top rated soap and detergent free Procyon products. But here’s a way that you can support yourself and make your customers really, really happy. When you have finished your wonderful job cleaning your client’s home.


Not only will they be super happy with your always wonderful result, but you can make sure that they stay happy. And here’s how. Long ago, when I was starting my carpet cleaning business, Ivan Day, the founder of the company, told me that the last thing to do to complete your job is go to the sink, the kitchen sink with your client and look underneath with them and have them pull out every single bottle of rug spotter and rug cleaner it might be in their laundry room.


But for the sake of discussion, let’s just say it’s under the sink. Have them pull it out. And with them, shake the bottle, let them hear that after two or three shakes, it’s full of suds and explain to them that you don’t want any more of this product going to their carpet because it may seem like it’s helping them, but it’s only hurting them because although it may appear to remove the spot, it’s likely to reappear. And certainly that area, their carpet is going to be soiled much more quickly because it’s going to have all of the dirt attracted to it and sticking to it because of the soap.


Instead, you can be prepared as a thank you gift to trade your client for all those nasty bottles in exchange for you giving them a custom spot remover bottle that contains your logo. Not only is this a wonderful thank you gift, but every time they go to use it and by the way, you’ve cleared out a lot of clutter from their sink and cabinets. They’re going to grab this bottle. They’re going to use it. It’s going to work.


And they’re going to be so grateful and amazed by the result. It’s going to make your job easier next time because you’re not going to be faced with whatever potential time bombs they’ve placed in the carpet with chemicals and soap and oxy and all sorts of other products. The other piece is. Every time they grab that bottle and they’re full of gratitude, it’s going to keep your business top of mind and top of mind. Marketing is the most effective ongoing marketing you can do.


It’s one price for you. It’s giving your client a wonderful thank you and reason to be grateful for you every time they have to clean their carpet. Spotting between your cleaning’s keeps your business top of mind, and they will never be without your phone number and contact information. So it’s win, win, win, and it will in fact make your job easier and keep your clients that much more satisfied. If that sounds good to you and you would like to try this amazing business booster, check out


That’s soapfreePROCYON.Com and look under the menu for custom spotters, we can get you set up with this very cost effective, wonderful marketing for your clients. Hey, thanks, as always for suffering my mistakes with the smile on your face. We are a real company coming to you with real heart, always here trying to make your business and your life better and healthier. So have a green, wonderful week and thank you for using Soap Free Procyon.


We appreciate it.


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