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Soap Free Podcast September 22, 2021 – Prepare home for Fall; Tips for carpet cleaning professionals
September 22, 2021

One of the big things you can do is to clean your air filters on your furnace. Absolutely important to do that quarterly at minimum. And the other important thing to do. We’ve talked before about how your carpet and the fibers in the carpet are actually the next biggest air filter in your home, because that warm or cold air gets filtered down the walls and through those fibers and then up into your lungs. So it’s important to keep those carpets.

And, you know, without me telling you exactly what product you should be using with no volatile organic compounds, those nasty VOCs. There’s none of those in Soap Free Procyon.

Anthony Robbins instructs is that every day we should make a plan. We should take massive action to execute on that plan. The third part is to review your results and revise your plan accordingly. And guess what the fourth step is to repeat. If you get in the habit of those three things, making a plan specific action items, taking massive action on a daily basis to achieve and execute on those items, review your results, make changes, learning from the day, and then repeating it’s super powerful and simple.

Some days that might just be one goal, one achievement, but it’s super important. You do it.

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