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Soap Free Podcast September 8, 2021 – The green way to use home extractors, Rug Doctors or other carpet cleaning rentals
September 8, 2021

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Just a couple of quick hits today as we start to clean up our homes after all the summer activity in and out of the house for you homeowners, just a quick reminder that if you’re getting out your home extractors or perhaps you’re going out to rent a rug doctor or Bistle machine from your hardware store or your supermarket instead of using their soapy solution.

And again, you shake that bottle a couple of times and you won’t hear anything after two shakes because it’s all suds instead of following their directions, which asks you to pour that solution in their machine and spray it on and suck it up. I want you to instead strongly consider using a best practice, which is to take our stream prespray or our carpet upholstery cleaner dilute according to directions and prespray your carefully vacuumed carpets. Let it dwell for ten or 15 minutes and then just use hot, clean water in those machines to extract the dirt.

You’re going to love the results and you can be assured that there’s no VOCs, no soapy, sticky residue. It’s the healthiest, best cleaning for your family and best for your carpets. For your commercial cleaners. If you want to offer your customers a wonderful, probably less expensive, less labor intensive method for you. Consider taking that extreme pre spray into those homes or your businesses for your business clients, along with a loopy cotton bonnet and your floor machine Rotary floor machine and just ring out in a mop bucket with the solution.

That loopy bonnet. Put it down using your driver pad and just polish those rugs. It’s going to take out dirt, polish the carpets. It’s a low moisture cleaning method. The rugs will be dry in 15 or 20 minutes.

It’s very fast for you, very effective for your clients and a great value add. So I hope you can use those hints both as consumers in your homes and also as professionals to make your lives easier. Healthier better for everybody.

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