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Soap Free Procyon Podcast July 28,2021 – Avoid harmful VOCs in your daily cleaning
July 30, 2021

Volatile organic compounds, VOC’s are gases that are emitted into the air from products or processes.

Some are harmful by themselves, including some that do in fact, cause cancer. In addition, they can react with other gases and form other air pollutants after they are in the air. So where do VOC’s come from? They can be found in the air indoors and outdoors. Some of these sources continue to produce VOCs is when they’re stored or transported. Some of the more familiar VOCs include benzene, formaldehyde and Tallinn. These can be found in many of the things you use every day. In your furniture, pesticides, air fresheners, cosmetics, and deodorants, fuel oil and gasoline, and most germane to my conversation with you today, cleaners and disinfectants. So here’s how VOCs can harm your health. It can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat. They can cause difficulty in breathing and nausea. They can damage your central nervous system as well as other organs. Some VOCs, as I’ve said can cause cancer.

So what can you do to protect yourself from VOCs? Well use products that are low in VOCs or don’t contain any VOCs. No big surprise. What I’m going to tell you next is all of our Soap Free Procyon products contain no VOCs whatsoever.

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