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Soap Free Procyon thanks its customers!
July 30, 2020


Hello, everyone, it’s JP from Procyon here in the last few days of our covid July of 2020. I hope everybody out there is staying safe and taking care of themselves and their families and friends we have as a company. Been receiving really generous participation from some of our users and also we reached out to some people who haven’t used it before, who are professional cleaners in the industry, asking them to try it and review it. And we’ve had just such thoughtful, enthusiastic and generous response.


It has reminded me once again of what I love about the spirit of the cleaning industry year, perhaps in particular here in the midst of this very difficult time, people are spending a lot more time at home and they’re turning to professional cleaners to deliver the always important service. But just makes me think that in this time, generally, it’s so important that we all find ways to care about each other as people suffer through the effects of this virus, including feelings of isolation and depression.


So all the contact we can have with people showing that care is super important and all of us at Procyon are proud to be part of that. And we are here for you. So I wanted to share in particular that I’ve had some really heartfelt calls with some people both to tell me how much they appreciate usually the extreme pre spray, the spot and stain and the powder and just how much their customers love it. Once they’ve experienced the green cleaning and the residue free experience in their carpet and their upholstery, that they never want to go back.


And there are so many people out there who are sensitive to allergens and therefore volatile organic compounds or Vox’s that customers are thrilled to learn that there’s a product out there that can be thoroughly cleaned and yet protect their health and avoid so many of the problems that the common cleaners that are so perfumed and so out there cause for them. So for those people that are already using our product and are committed to green cleaning, thank you. And so appreciative that all of us have Procyon on our.


But for those of you who may be out there, either in your households or as professionals that haven’t used a green cleaning solution or Procyon in particular, really want to encourage you to try it. And for professional cleaners who may be skeptical about whether a green cleaner has the chemistry to do the cleaning, that you feel that you are getting the excellent clean results you may be getting from a residue causing soapy solution. Even if you are committed to your process, consider trying Procyon and adding it as an additional service for your clients.


It’s a premium service and to be able to call yourself a green cleaner or to offer that as a possible service for your customers. I know from the experience of our dedicated users that your business will increase, that you’re going to increase your customer satisfaction and you’re going to improve your health as well, because you will not be breathing or touching the dangerous chemicals that are contained in most cleaners. So that’s about it for right now. Just we’re thinking about all of you as we get through this crisis together.


Feel free to contact us either online or by phone. You can see us online at Soap Free Procyon spelled p r o c y o n dot com. Or you can call us at one 800 Procyon. Thanks so much for listening and we’ll be talking soon. Stay green. Stay healthy. So long.

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