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The difference between Soap Free Cleaners and Traditional Detergents
December 23, 2020

As a homeowner, you probably have bought the common brand names in cleaners and have not given a second thought to using them. You have cleaned your home for years using the same name brand cleaning products. However, would you believe me if I told you these products may contain harsh chemicals that can damage your home, health, and the environment? It’s the truth. There are stark differences between the soap-free cleaners and traditional detergents, and these may make you reconsider the next time you pick up the brand named detergent in your local store.

The most alarming difference is what’s on the inside. Traditional cleaners may contain many harmful chemicals you wouldn’t want on your kitchen countertops where you cook dinner, the fabric on your favorite lounging sofa, or the carpet that you play on with your children and pets. Check this one out: “propylene glycol”. It is a chemical used in many brand name cleaners but also a key component used in antifreeze. Remember, your skin is the largest organ of your body, it is extremely absorbent directly into your bloodstream, and comes into contact with everything in your home that you clean.  Choosing that brand name cleaning product made with the same chemicals as antifreeze may not be the healthiest choice for you are your family.

On the other end of the spectrum, the best soap-free cleaners use the same ingredients used in water purification, food preservation, and even toothpaste. The difference is clear. One contains chemicals knowingly harmful to you and your family, and the other is made of things meant to be safely ingested or safely around your body. Soap-free cleaners are the safer choice for cleaning you and your family’s home.

Still not convinced or worried that soap-free cleaners can’t get the job done as well as the traditional detergent? Well, have I got some news for you. Traditional cleaners can cause damage to your tile, countertops, carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery. Once again, those harmful chemicals aren’t just bad for you but also your home. Some top name brands in rug cleaning use the same silicones used in plastics, food trays, and car polishes. That cannot be good for the expensive Persian carpet in your living room.

Soap-free cleaners win this round too. They do not contain these harmful chemicals that will damage your home. In fact, not only do soap-free cleaners not use these chemicals, but they also work considerably better. When used correctly, these cleaners leave no residue, so they clean better and they don’t damage the surfaces in your home. Your home is an investment, and you should use the products that will best maintain its condition. Think about this the next time you are shopping and pick up that name brand cleaner.

There are effective soap-free cleaners to consider instead of that name brand detergent you have used your whole life. Soap Free Procyon is a great option when considering a better alternative for your carpets, tiles, and countertops. Their products are Green Seal Certified and approved by experts in the industry like the Carpet and Rug Institute, Collins & Aikman, Power Bond, and Green Seal. Additionally, Procyon is manufactured by a family-owned business.

Their products are made without all the harmful chemicals used by the brands you find in your local store. One of their top priorities is delivering to you a product that keeps your home clean while keeping your home safe and protecting your family’s precious health. Not to mention, they are dedicated to a greener planet by creating cleaning products that have a lessened impact on the environment. If you are environmentally aware and want a product that prioritizes your family’s health, Soap Free Procyon products may be the right choice for you.

After the initial shock that the name brand you have bought for years may contain strong, harmful chemicals, just remind yourself there are safer, healthier, and greener options that are just as good, if not better. To your health!