Soap Free Procyon


Top 5 reasons to use PROCYON PLUS Powder
August 11, 2017
Procyon PLUS Powder sets the industry bar high for green carpet cleaning products with it’s amazing degreasing properties.  Not only is it soap free and leaves no residues but it is safer for you and the environment.  Here are our top 5 reasons Procyon PLUS Powder is the carpet cleaner for you!

1.       Cuts through heavy duty grease.

2.       Saves you money because you can use it as your rinsing agent.

3.       Leaves no residues.

4.       Has no off-gassing. It’s asthma and allergy safe!

5.       Healthier and safer because it’s non-toxic and environmentally safer.




  1. Mike Habib

    Can it be used with a Bonnet vs hot water extraction ?

  2. Brighter Image

    We just purchased a case of this product. Really want to be able to offer customers a safer cleaning. My son is 3 and is sensitive to a lot of things so with me experiencing this first hand, I knew it was time to also offer our customers the same safe cleaning I would want for my home. Great articlue.

  3. Van A Keyes

    clean the carpet is compulsory. here i will say thanks for tell us Procyon powder for perfect carpet clean. so thanks

  4. Carey Tilda

    There are different cleaning methods but i like your recommended powder which is really useful.