Soap Free Procyon


Transparent bottles clearly display purity of Soap Free Procyon® products
October 19, 2021

Plus Manufacturing, Inc., proud creator of Soap Free Procyon®, has been a leader in “green cleaning” for almost four decades. Their pet-safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions are a top choice for green carpet and upholstery cleaning companies and their Spot & Stain remover is trusted by families and individuals worldwide as an effective way to remove stains in carpets and upholstery without posing a health threat to children or animals.

Now, this company dedicated to classic green cleaning methods is showing customers how pure their solutions really are. Soap Free Procyon®’s eco-friendly packaging is already approved by Amazon as a “Climate-Pledge”-approved environmentally better package, but now they are reimagining their bottles so customers can literally see just how pure Soap Free Procyon® is.

All of the Soap Free Procyon® products, from Extreme! Carpet Pre-Spray to Tile and Grout Cleaner are non-toxic with a safe pH level and no volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). The mild formula means that the products are totally clear with no added fragrance or dyes. Procyon’s new packaging is just as eco-friendly and efficient but lets people see the pure product inside.

Procyon’s formula is celebrated by the green cleaning community and cleaning professionals in large part because it has remained unchanged for so long. When Procyon’s founder, Ivan Day, realized that the health of professional cleaners was in jeopardy due to toxic fumes, he set out to create products that would be just as effective without the negative health effects. The result was a safe product that was even more effective than many harsh detergents and cleaning solutions that leave soapy, sticky residue behind. The green cleaning formulas that followed were so effective that they have remained largely unchanged for many, many years.

Although Procyon first enjoyed enthusiastic and successful use by professional cleaners, it has become increasingly popular among families and individuals who appreciate a clean home and a healthful environment. Soap Free Procyon® Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser can safely clean everything from air ducts to filters. Soap Free Procyon® Tile and Grout Cleaner is one of the few effective solutions for tile that does not contain dangerous chemicals and VOCs, and Soap Free Procyon® Spot & Stain Remover has become a must-have for families with pets. If you are interested in learning (and seeing!) what the Soap Free Procyon® difference entails, you can browse products and find valuable resources at There you will find the soap-free podcast which talks about green cleaning, safe and effective cleaning methods, and the importance of eco-friendly cleaning solutions for humans beings and our precious earth.