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Ultimate Guide to Soap Free Cleaning
July 1, 2020

The Science Behind Soap-Free, Detergent-Free Cleaning

Soaps and detergents are ubiquitous home essentials that you can find virtually in any home. If you’re in a pinch, there is nothing else that you can use to clean up dirt, liquid spills, carpet stain, and grime and dusts buildup from surfaces. While soap is the all-around cleanser that is mild enough for most problems in the home, there are some people who are still sensitive to soaps and detergents. Some are so sensitive, even the mere residue of soaps from recently-cleaned surfaces like carpets are enough for them to break into hives or coughing fits. The reactions could get worse if they are exposed to these residues for a long period of time.

Fortunately, soap and detergent-free cleaning technology for carpets is here. If you are concerned about keeping your home free from chemicals, especially industrial-strength chemicals used for heavy-duty carpet cleaning, it might be time to switch to the no-soap, no detergent alternative. Read on to know why soap-free cleaning is the way to go when cleaning your carpet and how this technology works.

Why soap/detergent free cleaning?

There are some worthwhile reasons why opting for a soap/detergent free cleaning agent is a good idea. For one, soap or detergent cleaners can leave sticky residues that can build up over time, leaving surfaces more prone to gunk and grime.

Homeowners feel good when they see that their carpets are clean and spotless after a trip to the cleaners. But because these carpets were cleaned with a soap detergent cleaner, they have soapy residue sticking onto their fibers. This residue may not be visible at first, but they’re there! As time passes, this residue attracts and traps dust, grime, and gunk, so the carpet needs to be cleaned again.

In fact, carpets that are cleaned with soap or detergent solutions may need more frequent cleanings because they attract grime easier and faster. This leads to faster wear, dull colors, brittle carpet fibers that look shabby. All these shorten the life of your carpet. Frequent cleanings can be especially harsh especially on carpets made from special fibers such as those made from wool, cotton, olefin, or silk.

Soapy residues and build-up can also contribute to indoor pollution at home, especially if you have large carpeted areas that are cleaned this way. You can tell that your carpet has this unhealthy residue and gunk buildup when there is wicking in your carpets. Wicking happens when the residue and gunk clump together and appear on the carpet fibers. This isn’t a good thing if you have family members who are sensitive to pollutants in the air. Hypersensitive individuals, small kids, and seniors who may have difficulty breathing should not be living in homes where indoor pollutants like these abound.

Another issue is fragrance. There are commercial soap and detergent carpet cleaning products that are loaded with artificial fragrances to leave carpets smelling ‘clean’ and ‘fresh.’ However, these fragrances are usually made from chemicals that can pose as health hazards especially for those who are allergic to artificial fragrances, those who are highly sensitive to harsh chemicals or family members who have breathing problems.

PROCYON Solutions: Eco-Friendly Cleaning That is Safe and Effective

Companies like Plus Manufacturing, who create PROCYON soap free cleaning products, know that the only way to provide a service that was both effective and safe for customers was to go soap and detergent-free. Three decades ago, every carpet cleaner was using cleaners chock full of chemicals that stripped dirt from carpets, but also made fibers dull and brittle. They also contained chemicals that most often masked the smell of carpets instead of removing the dirt and grime that caused the smell in the first place. This was the industry standard and no one was questioning how all the chemicals being used to clean carpets can affect not only the health of the carpet cleaning teams themselves but their clients as well.

All these were something they wanted to avoid so they came up with the PROCYON Solution- soap-free, detergent-free, residue-free cleaning that was effective at cleaning carpets while keeping indoor air pollutant-free.

The Science Behind Soap Free/Detergent Free Cleaning

Soap or detergent-free cleaners work by combining natural degreasers, water softeners, and detergent-free boosters. Degreasers work by breaking down the oils that are in the grime and buildup that naturally get deposited on carpets. Carpets collect oils from regular human contact. They can also fill up with gunk, like dead skin cells, oils from food and drink spills, and other things that can make a carpet dirty over time. Degreasers break these oils down so they are easy to remove with pressurized water.

Water softener prevents calcium and another mineral buildup on your carpet. Most areas in the country are supplied with hard water. This is often the reason why you get tufts of carpet fibers stuck together when you attempt to clean your carpets at home. Professional cleaning services ensure that carpet fibers stay clean and soft by using water softeners. Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium minerals from hard water through a process called ion-exchange. This produces soft water, water without these minerals don’t leave mineral residue like limescale which causes buildup and dulls the colors of your carpet.

Detergent-free boosters make the cleaning solution more powerful, allowing the degreasers to really penetrate every fiber while softening the hard water. This produces a clean, odorless carpet with colors that look as good as new. The best thing about it is that because it doesn’t have soap or detergent residue, it doesn’t attract dust and grime that well so you can go for longer until your next carpet cleaning session.

The best thing about soap or detergent-free carpet cleaners? They’re environmentally-friendly. You can find that cleaners like soap-free PROCYON have the Green Seal Certification which means they have been cleared to be safe for users, children, pets, and the environment. With no harsh chemicals, perfumes, and artificial odors, carpets come out clean, residue, and chemical-free.

If you want to ensure that the indoor air you breathe is safe and pollutant-free, opt for soap and detergent-free carpet cleaning solutions. You get effective carpet cleaning free from harmful chemical residues, and the peace of mind knowing that you are not introducing unknown and potentially harmful chemicals into your home. Your carpet also stays cleaner for longer, which means fewer trips to the cleaners and less cost.