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Video: Green Rhino uses Extreme Carpet Pre-Spray – See the results
July 28, 2020

Thank you, Tommy and Green Rhino Carpet Cleaning located in San Luis Obispo County, CA.

If you don’t think green cleaning solutions actually work, we say nonsense and we have a carpet cleaning professional who testing out our powerful, green carpet cleaning solution PROCYON to prove it.

The product has a pH of 10 but then dries at a neutral pH of 6.5. This allows you the cleaning power of a pH 10 and then you don’t have to rinse it down, it will dry neutral on its own, with no residue leftover. This makes PROCYON one of the safest cleaning products on the market while still packing that punch that you need for clean carpets.

The first time Tommy, with Green Rhino Carpet Cleaning, tested PROCYON on YouTube, the carpet cleaning tech, who said he had previously used and loved PROCYON, arrived to a job with a white carpet that had noticeable stains covering the majority of the carpet. The spills on the carpet included coffee and orange juice and were pretty big. There was also a stain that had been removed with a black rag, making the stain that much harder to clean.

Upon walking in, Tommy remarked he had a challenge! So, was PROCYON up to the challenge??

Tommy said he loves the fact that PROCYON is a green product and he loves to use it. But, this was his first time testing it out on a carpet that was extremely soiled.

First, he vacuumed the carpet and then brought in the PROCYON solution. The carpet immediately appeared whiter, cleaner, and a lot of soil was removed with the PROCYON solution. Scrubbing with the PROCYON showed immediate results and when it was further scrubbed with the hose, the tester said he was extremely impressed. The carpet appeared noticeably a lot cleaner and fresher. “It looks brand new,” remarked the tester. “This PROCYON really worked well.” The customer also remarked that the carpet looked brand new. The stains came out of the carpet by only using PROCYON, not extra spot treatments needed. The black stain from the rug was also even removed.

PROCYON is equipped to handle all of the toughest carpet cleaning jobs. The solution is soap-free and odor-free— allowing it to pack all of the punch and power of clean while still maintaining environmental safety.

The amazing and powerful PROCYON is used by many professional carpet cleaners, professional building service contractors, school districts, and homeowners. It has been used around the world for more than three decades. What’s more, PROCYON is Certified Wool Safe and is designed for your counter-rotating brush in addition to all encapsulation cleaning systems.

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