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Cleaning Tips to Preserve the Beauty And Life of Your Wool Carpets
March 3, 2021


Wool is a common choice for high quality carpets due to its natural beauty and amazing comfort level. To extend the life of your wool carpets and keep them stain-free, you need to put careful thought into their care. After regular vacuuming, the first rule of caring for your wool carpets is avoiding abrasive cleaners. While regular cleaning is a necessity with carpets, traditional cleaners are too harsh for delicate wool fibers. Unlike synthetic carpets, wool is a natural fiber. When properly maintained, wool carpets can last decades. When caring for wool carpets, choose cleaners which do not upset the natural pH balance, leave behind no residue, have zero harsh chemicals, and don’t bleach the color.

Choosing Wool Friendly Cleaners

pH Balance

Avoid high pH cleaners for your carpet. Over time, alkaline or high pH cleaners can worsen spots and stains. Strong alkaline cleaners can strip your carpet fibers of their color or cause unsightly brown spots. These cleaners may give an initially cleaner look, but the stains will come back, and sooner rather than later.

No Residue

Alkaline cleaners can also leave behind tacky residue. When new dirt and debris is tracked in, the sticky residue will trap the dirt and make it harder to get out. That’s why it’s vital that you choose a pH-balanced cleaner like Soap Free Procyon®. The Soap Free Procyon line are green cleaning products designed for gentle, effective stain removal. Soap Free Procyon®’s Extreme! Pre-Spray is a great wayA to immediately and effectively remove spots and stains before they have time to set. The soap-free formula leaves your carpet softer than it was before while giving you a deeper, more effective clean.


Choose chemical-free cleaners. They’re safer for you and your carpet. Traditional carpet cleaners not only leave behind residue, but possible toxins. Kids and pets play on carpets, and adults usually take their shoes off when they’re at home. This puts you and your family in direct contact with possible toxins. Soap Free Procyon®’s products are allergy friendly. They don’t have strong odors to irritate asthma or allergies. Plus, coming into contact with these cleaners won’t irritate your skin.


As explained above, alkaline or acidic cleaners that leave behind residue can affect the long-term color fastness of your carpets. That’s why Soap Free Procyon®’s Extreme Pre-Spray has the official seal of approval from the WoolSafe Organization. Check out their credentialing process on their website. To qualify for this accreditation, a carpet cleaner must be color safe, prevent quick resoiling, not damage the natural fibers, and be safe to apply and safe once the cleaner has dried.

So How Does Extreme! Pre-Spray Work?

As A Surfactant– Soap Free Procyon®’s Extreme Pre-Spray loosens dirt by decreasing surface tension. A surfactant reduces the tension between a liquid and a solid. In carpet cleaning, the surfactant lessens the surface tension the adheres dirt to fibre, allowing it to be rinsed away.

As An Emulsifier– This is the process of turning the solid debris and dirt into a liquid so it can easily be rinsed away.

How Do I Use Extreme! Pre-Spray?

If your carpets are heavily soiled, we recommend using a professional service. Professionals have the proper equipment to take the best advantage of our powerful Extreme! Pre-Spray. Individuals can also effectively use our pre-spray as spot remover or pre-cleaning stain treatment. When spills happen, it’s best to deal with them right away. The longer it’s allowed to sit, the deeper it will penetrate the carpet fibers and the harder the stain will be to get out.

Tips on Using Extreme! Pre-Spray:

Use a bleach-free cloth. Apply the mix directly to the cloth.

Then using a blotting motion, work from the outer edges toward the middle. Working from the outer rim to the interior helps avoid expanding the size of the stain.

No need to use more than a minimal amount of Extreme! Pre-Spray. Its powerful soap-free formula ensures that a little goes a long way.

Repeat as necessary, then use fresh water to rinse away the stain.

We hope this brief article helps you better understand how to properly care for your wool carpets and keep them looking new for years to come. Soap Free Procyon is proud to offer a pH-balanced carpet cleaning solution that extends the natural life of your wool carpets. Carpets are an investment, so invest in the best suited cleaners to preserve the natural beauty of your wool carpets or rugs – use Soap Free Procyon® Extreme!.